Maternity Hunting Clothes

When I was pregnant with Addie I searched everywhere for maternity hunting clothes, and definitely had no luck. I ended up buying some hunting bibs that were a few sizes too big, so that they would fit over my belly. On the next hunt, I bought a maternity band to keep my regular pants up, and then I bought a larger shirt that just draped over my belly.

I didn’t like looking like I was wearing a potato sack, so this time I learned how to transform a shirt into a maternity shirt. All you need is a loose fitting shirt (a men’s fit, maybe a size larger than you’d normally get), a sewing machine (you can do it by hand too), and some elastic knit for sewing. You can find the elastic at hobby lobby, Joanns, or Walmart.

First, flip the shirt inside out and mark just below bust line. That’s where you’ll end the elastic.

Next, start the elastic about an inch from the bottom of the side seam. Stretch out the elastic along the side seam. As you’re doing this place a pin a few inches up to help keep it in line.

Keep pulling the elastic taut, and sew up until the mark for the bottom of your bust line. Cut off the rest of your elastic.

Repeat on the other side seam and you’re done! It makes the shirt hug your belly instead of looking like a potato sack. It’s so easy, and so flattering!

All I do for my pants is add a maternity belly band. If you need it for a difficult hike, I would sew the bottom of the band around the pants below the zipper. This one from Target stays up so well!

I hope this helps some expecting hunting mommas out. Good luck this fall!

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