Nolan’s Nursery

Last night we finally finished Nolan’s nursery. I had so much fun finding things for his room. I was able to reuse a lot of the girls’ nursery, and then bought a few more things from there. I finished his paintings late in the night, but I was determined to have it completed before I went to bed.

I used a website called to keep track of everything I found. It’s supposed to be used as a registry, but I put everything that I found that I wanted on there. I found this website when I was pregnant with Audrey. I find so much on internet searches, social media, and ads. It’s hard to keep track of the items or brands I find for what I need, and this makes it so easy. You can add any product from any website to your registry. You can set it up on your phone or computer, and whenever you find something you want, you just click a button and it adds it! I added everything for the nursery and everything I need for Nolan to the registry, and have just been slowly buying everything from there!

We decided to move the last weekend of June, and had our house up for sale a few days later. We moved at the beginning of August, and now we almost have everything in the house set up and ready to welcome baby brother! I can’t believe we are just weeks away. Life has been so busy, and the weeks have been flying. Now, just time to finish preparing and get our hospital bags packed!

Here are some of my favorite finds from Nolan’s Nursery!

The mounts are from Adore Plush Company:

I purchased the wooden plaques from Michael’s in size large:

One of my favorite finds was a nightlight/sound machine:

I had made the girls’ closet dividers, but this was so much easier:

These are wall hooks to hang up diaper bags, carriers, or whatever you need. They are heavy duty… whatever they come with to stick on the wall can really hold some weight (Width 4cm-5cm):

Nick found the plush deer skin rug at a boutique, but I also found it here:

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