Our Quarantine Update!

The girls and I got super sick a week ago. The girls had temps of 104 and their O2 was low. The next day we found out Nick had been possibly exposed to covid-19 the week before when we were in Denver. I called up the girls doctor who had seen us, and she sent us to the childrens hospital. We were met at our car, escorted to a sealed up room, and were tested by nurses and doctors in full body suits. The children’s hospital of Colorado Springs was amazing! They tried to make the girls laugh even through their monster suits, had us food, and we watched all the new kids movies! They escorted us back to my car, and told us to self-quarantine until the results came back! Well they’re still not back, and it’s been a long week in the house. We went on a little hike in the middle of nowhere to get some fresh air this evening… so nice. We’re still feeling pretty under the weather, but the girls fevers are down! Addie was supposed to have her tonsils and adenoids removed Wednesday, because they are obstructing her breathing… but we’re still waiting on the call if that’s still on too! What a week!

UPDATE! It has been over a week after the test, and no one will respond to me or give me our results. The lab did tell me the test was done, and someone should be contacting me. The doctors at the hospital told us to stay quarantined until we received a call. The surgeon canceled Addie’s surgery, because the results weren’t in yet. The surgeon’s office did call me yesterday to schedule the surgery four weeks out though! It’s a little frustrating with no answer about the test and leaving the house, but at least we got the surgery figured out. Our quarantine is almost over, but were probably not going to leave the house until Adeline’s surgery unless it is an emergency anyway!

They have restricted military domestic travel now, so Nick will be in Colorado with us with no travel for awhile. I wish I could quarantine us back home in the warmth of Texas, sitting next to our ponds, and catching bass… but we’re stuck in cold snowy Colorado. I am thankful, though, because we have a freezer full of meat to eat, I am able to stay at home with the girls, have a warm home with electricity and running water, activities for the girls, and I could go on and on. I don’t mind having a simpler life for a short time, so that we’re able to slow the spread of this virus. My goal for this year is to slow down and stop adding so much distraction into my life. We hunt, hike, fish, camp, travel, and everything in between. This is great, but only in moderation. I don’t think there’s a better way than to not be able to go anywhere, and to just be happy at home doing “nothing”.

Thank you everyone for reaching out and the love you’ve shown us! We’re are doing just fine, and the girls are much better. We are blessed to have such a support system.

God bless everyone and stay safe out there😊

One thought on “Our Quarantine Update!

  1. That’s awesome News! We are glad y’all are ok! Tell Nick I said hello . Keep in touch !

    Clint & Susan Yancey


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