Must Haves For Camping With An Infant

Thinking about taking your newest addition out into the woods with you? Do it! You don’t have to wait until they’re older to enjoy the outdoors. Camping may look a little different than before, but it can be so much fun. Start them young and they will always have a love for camping, hiking, fishing, or whatever your family enjoys.

We have brought both of the girls out with us from the start. These are a few items that are my must haves out in the woods.

Sleeping is probably the most important place to start. Having a co-sleeper gives baby a safe place to sleep next to you. It gives easy access for nightly wakings and feeding sessions. My favorite sleeper is the Snuggle Me Organic. It keeps baby warm and snuggly like you are holding them. Its a comfy place on the floor of a tent or on a bed!

Nights can get pretty chilly. I use fleece footie pajamas in the summer and winters for camping. It’s a perfect layer for safe sleep on those chilly nights {We will have the top layer next}. My favorite are from Carter’s. They’ve been a favorite for both of the girls.

Sleep sacks have been essential to our camping. They are the top layer to our baby sleeping gear. TOG {the thickness of your sleep sack} is the most important aspect to this, and you can choose the TOG by what temperature you’ll be sleeping in. We usually use a TOG of 2.5-3.5 when sleeping outside. Kyte Baby is our year round favorite! We haven’t been camping in cold enough weather yet, but the biggest recommendation I get for colder temps is the Baby Deedee Travel Sleep Sack. These are perfect for safe sleep, so you don’t have to cover your baby with blankets to keep them warm!

No matter the plan, a baby carrier is a MUST for me. Around camp I use a ring sling, but on the hikes we use a regular baby carrier. We don’t have a special one for hiking, but a lot of people say they are amazing and absolutely worth the price. We have used an Infantino Carrier that was super affordable, and has worked perfect for us on all of our hiking expeditions so far!

For Adeline I used an oversized Vera Bradley diaper bag that I absolutely love, but when I found out I was expecting Audrey, I purchased a diaper backpack since I knew my hands would be a little more full. Everyone told me they make life easier, and they absolutely do. Whether we are camping, hiking, or just traveling, being able to throw all of their necessities on my back is a lifesaver. I don’t go camping or any travel in general without this!

Sometimes you have to set baby down. A foldable play-yard, a pack n play, a bumbo, or another type of seat are perfect options for your baby to be safe and have fun while you need your hands! You need to cook, clean, or even just go to the bathroom. Something to free your hands for a minute is so nice to have when you’re not in your norm. There aren’t any specific ones I recommend for camping, just whatever your little one would enjoy for some play time!

No matter the weather, you always need a baby hat! We always keep a floppy hat to protect the girls from the sun. Especially before they were old enough for sunscreen! I’ve been a fan of the hats that tie or clip at the bottom, so we don’t keep losing them! The fuzzy hats are good year round for the cold nights. During the cooler months we use them all day! There’s not a specific brand of these I prefer, we have mostly used whatever we have come across at stores!

If you are breast feeding, these are a must! Being able to lift a flap or unclip a strap real quick makes life so easy. More than once we’ve been on a hike, and I’ve lifted my shirt and unclipped my tank top without missing a beat. We don’t even have to stop, both of the girls just nursed from the carrier! These Jessica Simpson nursing tanks are my favorite. They are padded, so I just wear them under any shirt or jacket. I can lift my shirt without having my stomach exposed to the elements, and just unclip a side down under whatever I want to wear.

Being out in the sun, the altitude, the wind, or whatever elements your trip may bring you, having lotion is a must. I love the Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief for full body! It keeps the girls skin soft and moisturized no matter what. I use the ultimate ointment mostly on troubled areas and lips. Nick and I use it for our lips too, it works wonders!

Extra Tips For Camping With An Infant

Layers, layers, layers. You never know what the weather will bring you, so be prepared for anything. We start with a cool base layer and stack from there. A baby bunting like above is perfect to keep your little one snug and warm on top in the cold. Rain, heat, snow, whatever, be prepared!

For the breastfeeding mommas! I exclusively breastfeed, we give a bottle occasionally for a long doctor appointment my daughter can’t go to, dates, or whatever the occasion, so I didn’t think I would need this! But, camping can throw your schedule off! You may build up some pressure in those girls. I always bring my pumping supplies just in case, because it has happened, and I needed some serious relief . I have the Medela Freestyle with the rechargeable battery and the Medela hand pump. They both are awesome for wherever you go!

Things to chew on or play with can save your life! There are clips to add a toy or pacifier to. Suck pads for the carrier are also a great idea! Hiking can get a little boring for your little ones at times, and they will need something to occupy them.

Last piece of of advice is to have SNACKS! Lots of snacks if they are of age. Puffs, yogurt melts, Cheerios, fruit, whatever you want to give. Bring tons! I never seem to bring enough, so always overpack in this area. Car rides, hikes, they will save you!

Comment and let us know what your must have gear and tips for camping with infants!

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