Faith and Fitzgerald

In 2015 Nick and I started an outdoor lifestyle blog, and that was put on hold while we had our two baby girls. Since then we have transformed as individuals and as a family. I wanted to create a place to share the journey in our faith, our adventures in the outdoors, and raising our family. I hope that this will bring encouragement to others trying to do the same.

When we found out that Adeline was on the way I started to ask myself about the future. How am I going to raise my children? How does the way I live my life give an example to my children? What does God say about this? I started to look at myself, and I saw something that wasn’t completely set apart. I felt different than how I saw most people living their lives, but did I look that different than the world? I wanted my children to see something so completely different that there was no question we were set apart. I wanted to live out the example I wanted them to follow. I decided then I needed to pursue God and His word like never before.

My sister recently shared a video with me of Candice Cameron Bure that put this perfectly.

“A little girl’s looking at a white sheep as it ate green grass and she thought how nice and white the sheep looked as it ate the green grass. And then it began to snow and she thought how dirty the sheep looked against the white snow.
It was the same sheep, but it was a different background.
So when we compare our sin to the standard of the world, we all come up reasonably clean. But when we compare our sin to the snow white righteousness of God’s law, we’ll see that we are filthy dirty.”

I want to raise our next generation to a new standard, and I know to do that we have to live our lives to a new standard. God blessed me with a husband that is my partner to chase this standard everyday. We want to bring our children back to a simpler life. A life with values, ethics, an emphasis on quality time, and a life away from the chaos and distraction of the world. What better way to do that than raising them in the outdoors? My childhood spent outdoors taught me the value of life, patience, hard work, and so much more. I hope to instill the same in my children. Here I will be sharing our journey raising our family, our outdoor lifestyle, and the faith that puts it all together.

I hope you join us and follow along!

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